Community Ride PosterBe a part of Hamilton’s bike share history!

On Saturday March 21st at 10am, we will descend on the SoBi Hamilton headquarters at the Seedworks Urban Offices (126 Catharine Street North) where we will each take a SoBi and ride out into the city for the inaugural launch.

We have over 100 bikes available to ride, and we need your help to spread them throughout the city.

All participants of the ride get unlimited free access to the bikes for the entire weekend. There will also be prizes – plus the pride of being a part of the SoBi Hamilton legacy.

** Registration is now closed. Thank you for your interest! **

How it works

We will meet at the SoBi Hamilton headquarters at 10:00 AM. Staff will be on hand to make sure everyone is able to access a bike. Once assembled, we will have a quick announcement, after which time we’ll all start riding together.

There is no specified route – each rider will choose their own destination from amongst our hub locations. Our ultimate goal is to spread these bikes through the system to as many stations as possible. Pick a hub, lock the bike to it, and your duty is complete.

Once you’ve locked your bike up, you are free to carry on with your day, and you will have full access to all of our bikes for the remainder of the weekend.

Information for our existing members

You will need your access card (or 6 digit user code) plus your 4 digit PIN in order to ride. Overtime and out of hub locking fees will be waived for you all weekend long.

Information for new members

If you do not already have a membership, you’ll be given a secret link that allows you to open an account at no cost. Once you complete the sign-up process, you’ll be given a 6 digit user number and asked to choose a 4 digit PIN – please be sure you know these numbers as you’ll need them in order to access a bike for the big ride. Once the ride is over, you are free to keep using the bikes free of charge for the rest of the weekend. At the end of the free weekend, you will have the option to stay on as a pay-as-you-go member. We can also help you to upgrade to an annual or monthly pass, or cancel your account according to your desires. Please note that you will need a valid credit card or Visa Debit card in order to sign up but you will not be charged for any riding during launch weekend. All riders must be aged 16 and older.